In order to promote our market development and meet customer needs, we provide the necessary resources and rely on the process-oriented standard ISO 9001:2015. We define our quality goals accordingly and are committed to achieving these goals as well as the continuous improvement of the QM system.

As an engineering office for the planning, qualification, consulting and metrological inspection of cleanroom technical plants, we pay attention to the timely, cost-effective and high-quality execution of our services in accordance to the requirements of our clients.

Our service portfolio in terms of planning, qualification, measurement technology and consulting represent a unique selling point on the market. We want to continue to use and expand this advantage and the resulting synergy effects in order to win new projects across business segments.

Good and honest communication with customers in all planning and execution phases creates trust and recognition and ensures successful and long-term cooperation. By looking critically at our own performance, we uncover sources of error and further optimize our work processes.

The working environment at DITTEL Engineering helps to ensure that every employee is motivated and actively involved in the operational processes. Our employees are constantly further trained to ensure that their knowledge is always up to date. Competent employees are available for each service ordered.

The management expects each employee to make his or her personal contribution to improvement and to actively participate in the quality policy.