April, 11th  2018

08:00 Opening & Introduction

– Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel (President of the Adriatic Institute of Technology)

– Dr. Eng. Matteo Filippi (CEO of the Adriatic Institute of Technology)

08:30 Welcome from the Regional Council 

– Dr. Antonio Mastrovincenzo (President of the Regional Council)


09:00   Technology: Quo Vadis

– Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel (Adriatic Institute of Technology; I – Ancona)


09:45 Design & construction of cleanrooms

– MBA-Dipl.-Ing. Florian Dittel (DITTEL Engineering; D – Schlehdorf)

10:30  Coffee Break

11:00  Technical Systems for Constructions

– Dipl.-Ing. Raimund Beninger (Vitec GmbH; D – Hof / Saale)

11:45  GMP Compliance and Certification

– Mrs. B.Sc. Kerstin Geiß (DITTEL Engineering; D – Schlehdorf)

12:30  Lunchtime – Knowledge sharing


13:30  Particle filtration technology

– Dr.-Ing. Marc Schmidt (AAF International; D – Riedstadt)

14:15  Measurement’s equipment

– Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Blattner (BSR; D – Oberhausen-Rheinhausen)

15:00  Coffee Break

15:30  Monitoring and Safety

– Thomas Christen (VAL SYS Gmbh; CH – Wetzikon

16:15 SHELLBE – The new way of Cleanroom-Laboratory- and Hospital Technology

– Dr. Eng. Matteo Filippi (Adriatic Institute of Technology; I – Ancona)

17:00  Conclusions and knowledge sharing

19:00  Participants Dinner

April, 12th  2018

08:55 Introduction

09:00  Sterilization

– Dr. Eng. Robert Gfrerer – Ortner Group AT; A – Villach

09:45  Microbiology

– Dr. Thomas Meindl  Laboratory L+S AG; GER – Bad Bocklet

10:30  Coffee Break

11:00  Cleaning, training and behaviour in cleanrooms

– Mr. Frank Duvernell (Profi-con GmbH; D – Leipzig)

11:45  Clothing

– Mr. Jörg Mesenich (Decontam International; D – Bad Winsheim)

12:30  Final discussion and knowledge sharing

13:30  Greetings – End of Symposium


Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel   (Adriatic Institute of Technology Spa, Ancona, Italy)

Dr.Ing. Matteo Filippi  (Adriatic Institute of Technology Spa, Ancona, Italy)

MBA-Dipl.Ing. Florian Dittel  (DITTEL Engineering, Schlehdorf, Germany)

Mrs. B.Sc. Kerstin Geiß (DITTEL Engineering, Schlehdorf, Germany)

Dipl.Ing. Raimund Beninger  (Vitec GmbH, Hof / Saale, Germany)

Dr.Ing. Marc Schmidt (AAF International, Riedstadt, Germany)

Dr.Ing. Jürgen Blattner (BSR, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, Germany)

Mr. Thomas Christen (VAL SYS Gmbh, Wetzikon, Switzerland)

Dr.Ing. Robert Gfrerer (Ortner Group AT, Villach, Austria)

Dr. Thomas Meindl  (Laboratory L+S AG, Bad Bocklet, Germany)

Mr. Frank Duvernell (Profi-con GmbH, Leipzig, Germany)

Mr. Jörg Mesenich (Decontam International, Bad Winsheim, Germany)

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